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The mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart. While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.
–Basil Moreau

The Chapel of Christ the Teacher is the spiritual center of campus and is open all day for quiet prayer.

Although each dorm has its own Mass throughout the week, the student body comes together on Sunday to worship as one community at the Chapel of Christ the Teacher. This chapel is an exquisite example of Northwestern architecture, providing a beautiful space for the campus to gather for worship and prayer.

See below for a tour of the Chapel and visit this page to view a 360 degree view of the Chapel's sanctuary.

Check out this page for a brief tour of the Residence Hall chapels.

  • A view of the Chapel of Christ the Teacher from the Commons
    The Chapel of Christ the Teacher, designed by renowned Northwest architect Pietro Belluschi, is the spiritual center of campus. Said Belluschi at the Chapel's dedication: "A church is much more than a building. It is people coming together to evoke God's harmony."
  • The Wood Carving on the Doors of the Chapel
    The Chapel doors are made of the salvaged wood from storm-damaged walnut trees. Their intricate design depicts a sunburst, symbolizing the life of Christ and the beauty of creation.
  • Congregation watching a baptism in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher
    A reminder of one’s baptismal promise to live in Christ, the Chapel's font is in the shape of a cross and reflects light through a skylight above it. Around the font are words from the baptistery of St. John Lateran: “One faith, one font, one spirit make one people; no barrier can divide where life unites.”
  • The Crucifix in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher
    In his creation of the Chapel crucifix, Dick Helzer hoped that a strong representation of Christ would reveal his background as a carpenter and the heavy walking that his ministry included.
  • Crucifix in Reconciliation Room
    Inside the Chapel's reconciliation room is another crucifix. This gift to the University is made of ivory and approximately 100 years old.
  • Our Lady of Sorrows
    Outside of the reconciliation room is a mosaic of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, patroness of the Congregation of Holy Cross.
  • Image of Joseph
    On the opposite wall is an image of Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary and patron of the Holy Cross Brothers.
  • Reliquary
    The Chapel's reliquary hangs to the right of the font and contains the relics of holy men and women from throughout the ages. At the center is a relic of the founder of Holy Cross, Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C.
  • Chi-rho Cross
    Also to the right of the font is the Chi-Rho cross, a symbol fashioned from a 3rd century sarcophagus. It contains the first two Greek letters of "Christ" and was used previously at the front of liturgical processions.
  • Tabernacle
    The Chapel's marble tabernacle holds the consecrated Eucharist. All are welcome to spend time in quiet prayer with the Eucharist throughout the day.
  • Stations of the Cross
    Stations of the Cross wind around the second floor of the Chapel, depicting the way of Jesus' crucifixion. Created for the Holy Cross Community, the stations originally hung in St. Mary's before moving to the Chapel.
  • Congregation in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher in candlelight
    For much of the University’s history, there was not one central chapel on campus. Constructed in 1985, the Chapel of Christ the Teacher is now a vibrant space where students, faculty, and staff from all corners of campus come to share in worship, prayer, and song.