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Small Groups

small group

What is a Small Group? 

A small group is an intentional community developed to invite participants into greater intentionality in their life of faith. Members of the group can be from the same faith background striving to support each other in their way of encountering God or they can be from a range of faith communities seeking to grow in awareness of the ways that others integrate faith into their lives.  The key is that the group is centered on mutual respect and the desire to help each other grow in their authenticity in their relationship with their neighbor and the divine. 

Join a Small Group with Campus Ministry

We are excited to have several opportunities for Small Groups beginning after Fall Break and running through the end of the semester (about 6 weeks). These student-led groups will focus on a particular theme or question and will take place at different times throughout the week. 

You'll be able to sign up for a group closer to Fall Break. Check back soon! If you have any questions, please reach out to

Create your own Small Group

Perhaps you feel ready to take the initiative in forming a small group on your own. We would love to support you!

This resource includes tools for getting started, identifying goals, planning your meetings, and tackling challenges, among other helpful supports. This guide also contains links to additional resources. 

Campus Ministry is also eager to be a support for you as you seek to create space for faith-sharing and growth. Please reach out to if you would like to meet with a Campus Minister.