EWC Palanca

Would you consider writing a letter of support for the students you know attending the Encounter with Christ Retreat?

A crucial aspect of this retreat is the tradition of giving retreat-goers surprise palanca*. Palanca are unexpected expressions of appreciation and support that lift someone’s spirits; they usually take the form of a brief note or letter. This is an opportunity to encourage students and express appreciation for them outside the classroom.

The retreatants receive their palanca as a surprise, similar to the way the Kingdom of God unexpectedly breaks into the lives of those who encounter Christ in the Gospels. Please do not discuss this concept with any students, whether or not they are on this retreat.

The next Encounter retreat will take place March 20th-22nd. Please send palanca to Campus Ministry marked "EWC Palanca - student name" by Thursday, March 19th at 4:30 p.m.


Erin Ahearn
Savanah Baird
Lexi Britton
McKenzie Clark
Brennan Craven
Caden Deutscher
Aus Gabriel-Garces
Kaylee Guerrero
Jen Heideman
Sophie Heiden
Erin Jenkins
Claire Matanguihan
Peyton McDonnell
Nadine Prentice
Jenkin Schibel
Kyle Schraner
Ben Slakey
Kaylan Tate
Jeremy Wickboldt
Jacob Wolwowicz
Andrew Hyslop


Tim Arifdjanov
Josh Bode
Gavin Bullis
David Castillo
Alannah Clay
Emmie Davis
Jeff Guieb
Alli Jacobs
Faith Marcelo
Keegan McCrary
Marc Morreale
Claire Nelson
Daniel Neufeldt
Rebekah Padua
Princess Palicte
Susie Rivera
Marissa Rowley
Diana Salgado-Huicochea
Katie Thomas
Katie Wojda
Lauren Yount
Isabel Zamora

Spirituality Team

Veronicca Bathon
Fr. Pat Hannon, C.S.C.
James Pena

*The word “palanca” is a Spanish term that literally means “lever” but is used to describe “influence” or “sway” among people; palanca move people like a lever might move an object. In the context of this retreat, palanca are letters that express love, care, and support.