Discernment Retreat

What is discernment? Who is it for? How do you practice it?

Many associate the word “discernment” exclusively with the contemplation of religious vocation. In fact, discernment is a way for all of us to consider how God is leading us to live joyfully as our truest selves. We discern choices surrounding marriage, single life, and religious vocation as well as choices about occupation and the use of our unique strengths.

Student reflecting during discernment retreat

Campus Ministry’s Discernment Retreat invites students to learn more about this important practice, listen to others' stories, find time for prayer and reflection, and share conversation with their peers about inviting God into decisions.

Check back in the fall for information about this year's discernment retreat or contact Annie Boyle at boylea@up.edu or 503.943.7889 with any questions. 

You can also find more information on our Vocation Discernment webpage.


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