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Apostille is the authentication of documents for use in countries that participate in the 1961 Hague Convention.  Information about Apostille in the State of Oregon may be found on the Oregon Secretary of State website.

Apostille and Notarized Transcripts

An apostille is an authentication process that enables a UP transcript or diploma that the Registrar’s Office has notarized to be recognized as valid in another country. Foreign governments, overseas institutions, and employers can require it.

The State of Oregon issues the apostille after the Registrar’s Office has notarized your documents.

Carefully review if the country, institution, or employer requires your original diploma to be notarized or if they will accept a notarized copy.

The Registrar’s Office can notarize copies of diplomas, original diplomas, and paper transcripts.

Please note the Registrar’s Office does not offer replacement or duplicate diplomas for the purpose of notarization.

Steps to Request a Notarized Transcript(s)
  1. Click on the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM box here on our website to request a paper transcript. *We cannot notarize electronic transcripts. 
  2. Fill out the form and select the NOTARIZE TRANSCRIPT box.
  3. Submit the request to our office following the instructions on the form.
  4. You may include payment if mailing the request form or we can collect payment using our online payment service ConvergePay. There is no charge for the notary.
  5. Office processing time is 5 to 7 business days. Your transcript(s) will be sent via USPS first-class mail.
  6. Expedited shipping will need to be coordinated ahead of time, and all additional costs will have to be paid prior to the transcript(s) being mailed.

Steps to request a Notarized Diploma or copies of a Notarized Diploma

  1. Submit a signed letter and your original diploma to our office.
    1. The signed letter must include all names you may have had while attending, dates attended, whether we are notarizing your original or a copy of the diploma, the number of copies, the address you wish to have the diploma and/or copies sent when completed, and a handwritten signature. 
    2. The maximum number of copies per request is three.
  2. Diplomas
    1. We do not keep copies of student’s original diplomas on file.
    2. Your diploma will be mailed back to you after we have created the notarized copies of your original.
    3. If your original diploma has been lost or damaged, instructions to order a replacement can be found on our website.
    4. If you want us to mail your notarized diploma or copies internationally, please include a prepaid mailing label. If one is not provided, there will be an additional charge

Steps for an Apostille

We can mail your notarized documents to you or directly to the Oregon Secretary of State for the apostille certification.

Follow these steps for us to send your documents to the Oregon Secretary of State:

  1. Download the Request for authentication form from the Secretary of State’s website. Review their information and instructions.
  2. Include two pre-paid envelopes, the letter, the completed authentication form, and your diploma or transcript request when mailing them to our office.
    1. address one label to you and the other one to the
    2. Oregon Secretary of State’s Office Corporate Division, 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151, Salem OR, 97310.
    3. We recommend FedEx or UPS so you can track the packages.

All material must be mailed to the following address: 

Office of the Registrar
5000 N Willamette Blvd
Portland, OR  97203

* Neither the University nor the Registrar’s Office is responsible for any lost or damaged packaging and does not provide financial support in the Apostille process or shipping costs.

*All checks must be made out to the University of Portland.