Registration Instructions | University of Portland

Registration Instructions

  1. Check online for the new Course Schedule. 

  2. Before your appointment with your advisor, complete a trial schedule using a planning sheet. Include alternate sections in case of closed (full) classes. 

  3. Complete the information requested on the Registration Form, specifically reference numbers, department prefixes, course and section numbers. Any courses being taken for Audit or Repeat will need an additional form (Enrollment in Courses for Audit or Course Repeat Form) completed and signed by your advisor and Dean's office. A Course Repeat form must be submitted for each repeated course.

  4. Meet with your advisor and have them sign the Registration Form (and any additional forms). Obtain your alternate pin number from your advisor and leave all but the gold copy of the Registration Form with them. Check with your professional school for any specific instructions.

  5. Check the Advance Registration Schedule (in office & online) to verify your designated registration time.

  6. Register online, otherwise return the completed Registration Form to your school office or the registrar’s office on your appointed day and time or any day after that until the term begins.

  7. If a class is closed (full) select an alternate section or petition the department chair for permission to enter the class.