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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

One of the first transitions students and their parents experience begins now. You may be used to having to have your parents’ approval to do things or your parents being able to ‘do things for you’ such as call and take care of paperwork, change classes, ask about your student account, etc. As the college student, you are now the person the University has as the primary relationship. While your parents may still be a part of your life and your academic future, this means that if there is paperwork to do, things to complete on-line, or if you want to make changes to your schedule, you as the student are the one to do the changing or making the call. 

 FERPA and the Parent Proxy Form:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records. This means that schools generally must have written permission from students for parents to inspect or review academic records or for faculty and administrators to discuss a student’s progress with parents.

Students can use the Parent Proxy application to authorize a parent or other individual (Proxy) to view certain portions of their UP Self Service student information. Students will have the option of sharing information such as student account invoices, tax information, payment options, financial aid award and summary information, unofficial transcripts, class schedules, and contact information with their designated Proxy(s).

You can let the University know about whom you want us to be able to share information – this is called Student Information Release and Banner Proxy Access. Click on the links to see the process of using the Student Information Release System and Banner Proxy Access.