How can we help you?

How do I find out who my advisor is?

You can find your advisor by logging into PilotUP’s "Self-Serve" portal. From Self-Serve, click on "Student Records," then "View Student Information" at the bottom and find your advisor on that page.

How do I change my meal plan?

You can change your meal plan online through Residence Life's meal plan change form. On the Meal Plans page, scroll down to the FAQ section where you will find a link to the form.

How can I get help with a homework assignment?

In the Learning Commons (LC) you can connect with our peer mentors in a variety of disciplines to deepen your learning through practice, questions, and review. Peer learning assistance is available to all UP students who want to reach greater levels of success in a variety of subjects.

The University of Portland provides a Writing Center for assistance with paper-writing. If you would like to learn more about the Integrated Writing Center or schedule an appointment, please see their website.

The Math Resource Center offers free tutoring for all students in mathematics courses. Tutors are available in BC 163 on Sundays through Thursdays. The center offers tutors for the following courses:

  • MTH 111: Precalculus I
  • MTH 112: Precalculus II
  • MTH 121: Calculus for Business and Social Science
  • MTH 141: Finite Mathematics
  • MTH 161: Elementary Statistics
  • MTH 201: Calculus I
  • MTH 202: Calculus II
  • MTH 301: Vector Calculus

    Tutors can also assist with various upper-division courses. No appointment is necessary - students can drop in whenever they have a question. A schedule of tutors (time and subjects in which they can tutor) will be distributed to every student in a math class. The center is also a good place to meet with fellow students to work on homework assignments and projects. The Math Resource Center also offers a calculus preparation website that can assist you with your studies. For more information, please call the Department of Mathematics at 503.943.7166.

See a full list of tutoring available through the Learning Commons.

Who can help me choose a major?

In addition to the Shepard Academic Center, the Career Center is an excellent resource to explore major options. Their staff is trained to help you evaluate your academic and potential career interests to begin selecting a major at the University of Portland. The center can also begin working with you as early as your first year to help you find a career or graduate school path that will help you achieve your professional goals. Moreover, they will still be available to you after you graduate - their services are offered free of charge to all alumni. The Career Center, in the lower level of Orrico Hall, is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How do I add/drop a class?

To add a class during the first week of each semester, you can visit the registrar's office. You will need to fill out the Add/Drop form, available in the registrar's office or your college or school.

If the course is closed and it's a course in the College of Arts and Sciences, you will need to see the department chair of the course you wish to add. If they will allow you into the course, they will give you a green "Closed Course Form" to accompany your Add/Drop form. Please note that only department chairs can distribute closed course forms for their respective departments.

If the course is closed and it's a course in one of the professional schools, you will need to contact the program counselor of that school. Click on the school link below to find contact information:

To drop a class without receiving a "W" on your transcript, you must complete the necessary paperwork and turn it in to the registrar by the end of the first week of classes each semester. This is known as the "Add/Drop" period. After this time, classes can still be dropped but you will receive a "W" on your transcript because you officially withdrew from the course. The registrar's office sets deadlines each semester for the withdrawal period and after this period ends, you may not withdraw from a course.

In either scenario, you will need to pick up an Add/Drop form from the registrar's office or your college or school. Take the form to your advisor to discuss dropping the course and have him/her sign it. If you want to withdraw from the course (after the first week of classes) you will need to have the instructor sign the form as well. You can then take it to the registrar's office for processing.

How do I find my professor's office?

Every professor puts all of their important contact information on the course syllabus, including office location, office hours, phone number, and email address. If you are trying to find a professor that you do not have class with, all of the office numbers are available in the campus directory.

Should I be concerned if I get an academic warning?

Professors give academic warnings for any number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Excessive absences
  • Poor test or quiz performance
  • Inadequate preparation/study habits
  • Poor class participation
  • Incomplete or late assignments
  • Course comprehension
  • Any other reason that the professor feels is vital to success that is not being met

These warnings do not mean that you are going to fail the class, but they do mean that you are in danger of failing if you continue to perform in the same academic manner. In any case, make sure you go to visit your professor if you have gotten an academic warning. If you are having problems with the course material or test taking, you should consider seeking out a departmental tutor or other resources. For more information on where to go to get help, contact the Shepard Academic Resource Center at 503.943.7895 or stop by BC 101.

What should I do if I want to transfer in credit from another college or from AP/IB classes?

First, you must have an official transcript from the academic institution, AP, or IB sent to the University. Once this is on file, check with your specific school or college to see how the credits transferred in to the University of Portland.

Do I have to take a foreign language while at UP?

If you are a Bachelor of Arts major in the College of Arts and Sciences or a global business minor, a language is required. However, if you took four years of the same language in high school and passed all of your language classes, this requirement is waived. You need to make sure that UP has an official copy of your final high school transcript to have this waived.

What is academic probation and how is a student placed on it?

If you do not pass the semester with a 2.00 grade point average (GPA), you are put on academic probation for the next semester; if you are on probation for two semesters in a row, you can be dismissed from the University entirely. If your grades improve to the 2.00 level by the next semester, then the probation will be lifted.