FERPA and Access to Information | University of Portland

FERPA and Access to Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. For more specific information on what is protected under FERPA, please refer to the registrar's website.

In our efforts to adhere to FERPA guidelines, University of Portland administrators will not share certain information to parents without the submission of authorization from students. The University maintains several methods for access to information; they include:

  • Parent Proxy Access: Click here for instructions for both you and your student to create a Parent Proxy to have access to FERPA protected information. This can include access to educational and judicial records, as well as information about student accounts and financial aid.
  • University Health Center Release Form: This form is available to students at the University Health Center in Orrico Hall. This form must be signed in order to be in effect and includes a section for students to include the names of those who have permission to obtain/receive information on the student's counseling and/or medical records at the University.

If your student gives you permission and submits or signs these forms, you then have access to the information, should you call and request it; you will not be notified automatically.