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Understanding The First Year

Parent News

The Shepard Academic Resource Center will send you a copy of our Parents' Newsletters by mail or email if you signed up in fall of 2018.

Archived copies of this year's newsletters are posted here. Newsletters are sent on a monthly basis from August through December, and every other month during the spring semester.

Parent Articles

Here you will find articles that address common experiences of families and students in the first year of college. These articles are a tool to raise awareness as well as provide guidance for the entire family. They will be updated on a monthly basis.

Monthly Issues

Below are links to charts of "monthly issues" you can expect your student to experience in their first year at UP. The topics are accompanied by potential responses you can provide to support them if they experience these things.










If you would like some additional guidance or support on challenges or obstacles your student may experience, please give us a call or send an email, 503.943.7895,