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Workshop Leader Description

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Starting at Orientation (as "Home Base Groups") and continuing through the Fall semester until the week after fall break, the First Year Workshop helps all first year students understand the dexterity needed for academic success in higher education. Taught by an upperclass student in a similar major, the workshop classes are "cohorted" - students will find that their peers in the workshop class are also in one of their introduction courses, and generally one or two additional classes. This allows for great opportunities for students to interact and form social and academic connections from their first weekend on campus.

 The topics covered include:

  • getting involved
  • time management
  • campus resources
  • wellness
  • reading textbooks
  • taking notes
  • taking tests
  • goal setting
  • choosing a major
  • registration

Workshop Course Materials

There are not texts or other resources you will have to purchase at the bookstore. All materials for your workshop course will be provided to you during your classes.

Meet your Workshop Leaders!

Every student will be placed in a First Year Workshop class, which is connected to an introductory class within their major (i.e. Business students will take BUS 100 and their First Year Workshop will be BUS 001) and is taught by an upperclass student in that major. Take a look at your Fall schedule to find your assigned First Year Workshop section, then take a look at the chart to learn the name of your First Year Workshop Leader!

Workshop Leader Major
BUS 001 A/AA Victoria Crunkilton Accounting
BUS 001 B/BB Kelsey Smith Accounting
BUS 001 C/CC Matthew Avila Business Administration
BUS 001 D/DD Brady Boos Business Administration
BUS 001 E/EE Rafael Sales Marketing & Finance
BUS 001 F/FF Gwen Ulrick Business Administration
CST 001 A/AA Sawyer Kemmerly Physics
CST 001 B/BB Kelsie Davis Psychology & Political Science
CST 001 C/CC Brendan Foley Organizational Communication
CST 001 I/II Rachel Mehlman Psychology
CST 011 ABI/ABII Haley Nabarette Organizational Communication
ED 001 A/AA Isabel Tubao Elementary Education
ED 001 B/BB Claire Breiholz Secondary Education
EGR 001 A/AA Mia Bonini Mechanical Engineering
EGR 001 C/CC Christian Miles Electrical Engineering
EGR 001 D/DD Jessica Cherry Electrical Engineering
EGR 001 E/EE Terrington Smith Civil Engineering
EGR 001 F/FF Justin Rinauro Civil Engineering
EGR 001 G/GG Alexis Peltier Mechanical Engineering
EGR 001 H/HH Alex Junge Mechanical Engineering
ENG 001 B/BB Caroline Holyoak English & Spanish
ENG 001 E/EE Travis Bigelow Sociology
ENG 001 F/FF Enya O'Kane Biology
ENG 001 G/GG Ryan Martin Social Work
ENG 001 J/JJ Elizabeth Paige Nursing
ENG 001 L/LL Noah Kessler Nursing
ENG 001 N/NN Harrison Kasper Psychology & German Studies
MTH 001 B/BB Lauren Jones Psychology & Sociology
MTH 001 P/PP Marissa Quinones Psychology
NRS 001 A/AA Sara Griffin Nursing
NRS 001 B/BB Karlie Chilcott Nursing
NRS 001 C/CC Sai Tanguturu Nursing
NRS 001 D/DD Hannah Fox Nursing
NRS 001 E/EE Lucille Beuhler Nursing
NRS 001 F/FF Valerie Chen Nursing
NRS 001 G/GG Kendra Harvey Nursing
NRS 001 H/HH Keely Grealish Nursing
PHL 001 H/HH Akhila Parepalli Biology
PHL 001 I/II Brent Knutzen Biology
PHL 001 P/PP Christina Beningfield English
PHL 001 R/RR Maggie Conry Biology
Workshop Coordinator Raluca Gosman Biology


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Portland, Oregon 97203-5798