ID Card Information

All members of the University community (students, staff, and faculty) are required to obtain and carry a UP identification card when on campus. This card allows access to various locations on campus. The UP ID Card is produced at Campus Safety.

***For new students who have never had a UP ID card before. Please log in to and upload an electronic photo. Here is a screen shot of where to go:

Pilots ID LinkOur office will print the cards and distribute as needed. If you have any questions about this process or photo requirements, please contact us at or (503) 943-7161.

ID Card Uses:
• This card acts as a key to Access to Resident Halls, Academic Halls, Commons Dining Hall, Beauchamp Rec and Wellness Center – these buildings are locked at all times.
• Meal plan points- these are purchased through Bon Appétit.
• Athletic tickets and verification of attendance at student activities.
• Library card/printing and copying - To check out books and make copies/print items.

Get an ID Card
New students registered for an upcoming semester: please upload your photo to the link above and Campus Safety will print your card.
All other community members must visit the Campus Safety department for their picture.
At card pick-up, all community members must present current, government-issued ID along with an official document that includes the individual's UP ID number.

Lost Cards
If a community member loses their UP ID card, they must report the loss immediately to the Campus Safety Office. The card can be temporarily disabled and can be reactivated if found. If the card is not recovered within 48 hours, community members are asked to visit the Campus Safety office to purchase a replacement. The first replacement UP ID card costs $10. Any subsequent replacement cards cost $20. If the community member has a meal plan they are advised to also report the loss to Bon Appétit.