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Transportation Information and Parking Regulations

The University of Portland provides the following transportation information and parking and traffic regulations to allow all community members and visitors access to the campus regardless of their means of transportation. The Transportation Demand Management program strives to provide alternatives to single-commuter car use on campus to reduce parking and traffic congestion as well as improve the ability of students to access many of the advantages of the University’s location in the City of Portland without a car.


The University of Portland partners with Zipcar, a car sharing company, which has multiple vehicles on campus for the community to use. Students who are 18 years and older may sign up for Zipcar and have access to all vehicles in the Zipcar fleet. To join Zipcar, visit 


Tri-Met services the Portland metro area. They utilize tickets and Hop Cards, that can be purchased and used in daily or monthly increments. Please refer to for further information on purchasing bus tickets or passes.

The University of Portland is serviced by the #35-Macadam/Greeley and #44-Capitol Hwy/ Mock Crest bus routes. Please visit for options on planning trips and checking routes and availability of buses in Portland.


Bicycles in use on campus must adhere to applicable state traffic rules and regulations. Pedestrians have the right of way. When passing pedestrians from the rear, a bicyclist is required to give an audible signal. Bicycle owners are asked to register their bicycles via

For more information on the bicycle registration program, contact our office. The department provides numbered registration stickers to easily track stolen bicycles. This Garage 529 program is used by and in coordination with the Portland Police Bureau. 

To minimize theft, bicycles are required to be secured by a bicycle lock to an approved bike storage rack while parked on campus. Bicycles may not be secured to handrails or stairwells, nor in doorways, ADA access, trees or shrubbery, or any areas designated by the fire code as egress. Bicycles may not be left secured to bike racks over summer or winter breaks. On-campus residents may arrange in-door storage with the hall director. Any bicycle left unsecured and unregistered may be impounded or secured by campus safety immediately. Bicycles parked or impounded for more than 30 days may be considered abandoned even if registered. Every effort will be made to contact the owner of registered impounded bikes. Abandoned bicycles are donated to non-profit community organizations. Violators may be subject to a fine. Bicycle privileges may be revoked by the Director of Campus Safety for careless operation or repeated violations of the University bicycle parking/registration policy. Bicycle U-locks may be purchased from Campus Safety.


Motorized scooters and motorized skateboards are not allowed on campus. Skateboard riders and rollerbladers are to show respect to pedestrians by:

  • Traveling at a safe speed when approaching high traffic areas containing any and all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • Giving verbal indications of location when approaching pedestrians such as, “on your left” or “right behind you.

Skateboard riders and rollerbladers are to safely interact with motorists by:

  • Stopping before crossing intersections or crosswalks to look for oncoming motor traffic.
  • Riding at safe speeds while on streets around campus that motorists frequently travel.

All violations of the above policy may result in a fine for each violation.


The University requires that any vehicle that will be used as transportation to and from campus must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. There is no charge for this registration.


All parking spaces on campus require a permit. Permits may be obtained at the Department of Campus Safety. All parking permits must be hung from rear view mirror or placed face up on the dashboard if it will not fit around the mirror. Visitor permits must be hung from the rearview mirror with valid date facing out or be placed on the dashboard, face up. Students, faculty, and staff must show a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration when obtaining their parking permit. Students living within the University Park neighborhood are not authorized to obtain a University parking permit nor may they participate in the carpool program. A parking permit may be denied for vehicles that cannot fit into a single parking space. Motorcycles and mopeds are not required to have a parking permit but must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. Motorcycle and moped parking is available on campus. These vehicles are restricted from parking in carpool spaces.


The University requires that all persons operating a motor vehicle on campus possess a valid operator’s license and current insurance. Violation of this requirement will constitute grounds for revocation of campus driving privileges. Boot letters and enforcement documents are sent to the last known physical or email address; it is the responsibility of the student, staff, or faculty member to update their current contact information. Production and/or use of a lost or stolen permit or duplicating, altering, or forgery of a University parking permit is a violation of University policy and will be forwarded to the Associate Director for Community Standards for appropriate disciplinary action.


  • One Semester Student Permit: $80.00
  • Academic Full Year Student Permit: $160.00
  • Graduate Student/Non-matriculated student: $75.00

Payments may be received in cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee parking availability and the University does not grant refunds on parking permit purchases. Replacement charge for a lost or damaged permit is $20 which is applicable for all faculty, staff, and students including carpool permit holders.


Resident students classified as freshmen may not bring an automobile to the University. If this policy poses a hardship, an exception may be granted by the Director of Campus Safety. Written requests must include justification for granting an exemption. The application is available at under the “Parking and Commute Options” section. An application for an exception does not guarantee the exemption will be granted. Freshmen resident students who park their car on campus, or any adjacent street within a one mile radius without a permit, violate this policy and are subject to a $50 fine each day they are found in violation.


Visitors who wish to park on campus must obtain, free of charge, a visitor parking permit from the Department of Campus Safety. Departments hosting visitors may also request temporary permits from the Department of Campus Safety in advance of their visitors’ arrival. Visitors and Vendors may park in general (not reserved) parking spaces on campus outside of the Waldschmidt Parking Lot. Vendors requiring parking close to buildings may be granted permission when conducting work in campus buildings. Designated “Visitor parking” areas are for admissions visitors only and are not to be utilized by any member of the University community at any time.


Disabled parking spaces are to be used only by vehicles prominently displaying appropriate identification as described in ORS 811.602. A copy of this statute is available at Drivers without a disabled parking permit may be cited for stopping or blocking a disabled parking space, including the striped spaces adjacent to the disabled space.


Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are located in the main parking lot, adjacent to the Clark library and near the tennis center behind Shiley Hall. These spaces are reserved for EV vehicles only. EV parking spaces are limited to 4 hours of use for vehicle charging, after which the vehicle must move to an appropriate parking space. Please contact Campus Safety for instructions on how to access free charging while utilizing charging stations on campus.


The University issues several different types of parking permits. Each type of permit authorizes the holder to park only in specified parking areas. Parking permits are non-transferable, though the permit may be used in multiple registered vehicles belonging to the permit-holder. Types of permits and authorized parking areas are as follows:

  • “S” Permit: Issued to students. Authorizes parking in any general parking space. Parking in reserved/Waldschmidt, Commons Parking Lot, and designated visitor spaces is prohibited at all times.
  • “E” Permit: Issued to faculty/staff employees for general parking. Parking in reserved, carpool, and visitor spaces is prohibited at all times.
  • “W” Permit: Authorizes parking in Waldschmidt Hall Lot and in any general spaces on campus. Some of these passes have 'Reserved' stickers authorizing parking in reserved parking spaces in the Waldschmidt Hall parking lot.

Reserved spaces and the Waldschmidt Hall parking lot require the appropriate permit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No parking permits can be transferred, loaned, or borrowed. All permits issued to employees of the University must be returned to the Department of Campus Safety upon completion of employment at the University.


  • Campus speed limit is 15 mph. Driving in a manner or speed that is not reasonable is prohibited
  • Drivers must obey all posted traffic and parking signs including ground level stops in main lot.
  • Crosswalks must be respected and pedestrians have right of way.
  • The road behind Kenna Hall is an exit only and vehicles are prohibited from entering campus by use of this roadway.
  • Driving or parking on lawn or sidewalk areas is prohibited.
  • Instructions given to a driver by a University Campus Safety Officer must be obeyed.
  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in vehicles under Oregon law.
  • Operators and passengers on motorcycles and mopeds must wear an approved helmet under Oregon law.
  • During Residence Hall move-in and move-out times, parking regulations may be modified.
  • Vehicle owners are at all times responsible for, and may be cited for, the unlawful operation of his or her vehicle by another driver.
  • Failure to stop or yield to a Campus Safety vehicle may result in the loss of driving privileges on campus and the prohibition of the vehicle operating on University property.


Parking regulations are subject to amendment as the need arises. Traffic and parking regulations are enforced 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In general, all motor vehicle laws as defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes and the Portland Traffic Code have been adopted by the University of Portland and will be enforced as applicable to the University of Portland campus. The University does not take responsibility for injury, loss, or damage suffered on its property.

The following parking practices are prohibited and will be cited:

  • Parking on lawns, sidewalks, fire lanes, or loading areas.
  • Parking in a location other than an authorized space.
  • Parking permits should be affixed on the driver’s side lower left windshield or hung from the rearview mirror with the valid date or number facing out. If the permit will not fit or is not visible when displayed in the correct location, it must be placed on the driver’s side dashboard, with the valid date or number face-up.
  • Parking in the circle driveways at Waldschmidt, Christie, and Kenna Halls.
  • Failure to park within space markers.
  • Parking in crosswalks.
  • Failure to properly secure parked vehicle.
  • Parking “head-out” in any angled parking space

Curb delineations:

  • Yellow: loading (20 minutes).
  • Red and white stripe: loading (10 minutes with hazard lights on).
  • Red: fire lanes (no parking any time).
  • Blue: disabled (by permit only)



The Bauccio Commons parking spaces adjacent to the building are marked “Visitor and Holy Cross parking only Monday through Friday 8a.m. – 8 p.m.” Faculty, staff, and students are prohibited from parking in these reserved spaces during the posted times.


Students, faculty, staff members, and University service employees (i.e. Barnes & Noble, Bon Appetit) may not park between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00p.m. on school days in 2 designated neighborhood “no parking” sanctuaries as follows:

  1. North of Willamette Blvd. and south of N. Princeton Street between N. Olin Avenue and N. Wall Avenue.
  2. N. Warren Street and N. Willamette Lane between N. Monteith Avenue and N. Wall Avenue.

Members of the University of Portland community who live within these two areas should register their vehicles (at no charge) with the Department of Campus Safety to avoid being issued a citation for violation of University parking policy. Except for freshmen, parking is permitted on city streets west of the main UP campus between N. Portsmouth Avenue and N. McKenna Avenue.


The University, through the Director of Campus Safety, reserves the right to revoke any individual’s campus driving and parking privileges. Disregard for regulations renders the owner and/or operator of the vehicle liable for fines and/or disciplinary actions. Citations may be delivered to the driver of an offending vehicle, mailed or emailed to the owner or person responsible for the vehicle, but in most instances will be left on the offending vehicle.

Vehicles with one or more unpaid citations may not park on campus and may be booted or towed if found parked on University property. Booting or towing of the vehicle will not relieve the offender of the responsibility for payment of any citations. If a vehicle is booted or towed the owner must pay towing and administration fees in addition to any outstanding fines before the vehicle will be released. Disabled or inoperative vehicles must be removed within 72 hours or the vehicle may be towed.

Fines must be paid at, or appealed through, the Department of Campus Safety within fourteen (14) calendar days after issuance of the citation or the monetary fine will be doubled. Citations may not be appealed after fourteen (14) calendar days. Fines may be paid in person with cash, check, Visa or MasterCard, or mailed to the Department of Campus Safety. Unpaid fines will be transferred to the Office of Student Accounts at the end of the semester. If fines are not paid in full at the end of the semester, transcripts and grades may be withheld and collection action may be filed against the student account for unpaid fees/fines.

Payment of parking citations by check must be addressed to “University of Portland” and the citation number enclosed with payment. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Payment Address:

Campus Safety University of Portland
5000 N Willamette Blvd.
Portland, OR 97203


Any parking or traffic citation issued by University Campus Safety Officers may be appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of the citation. Bring the citation to the Campus Safety Department during regular business hours to contest a citation.



Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport (PDX) is 20 minutes from the University of Portland. PDX airlines service both domestic and international flights. For updated arrival and departure times

Greyhound or Bolt Bus Service

Travel into and out of Portland via the Grey Hound Bus service lines is cost effective. Located downtown.
The Grey Hound station for Portland is located downtown at 550 NW 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209. Telephone: (503) 243-2361. For updated schedules, routes, and tickets, Bolt Bus is a direct bus service that has a stop located at 728 NW Everett St. in downtown Portland. Telephone: (877) 265-8287. For updated schedules, routes, and tickets,

Amtrak Train Service

Amtrak train service is available in downtown Portland. Union Station is serviced by bus and MAX transit making it easy to get to and from the University. Union Station is located at 800 NW 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209. Telephone: (503) 248-1146. For updated schedules, routes, and tickets,