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UP ID Cards

All members of the University community (students, staff, and faculty) are required to obtain and carry a UP ID card when on campus. The card must be provided to any University official or campus safety officer upon request. The card is produced at the campus safety office and may be obtained at any time, as the office is open 24/7. The community member's picture is taken at the time the card is produced.

ID Card Functions

  • ID cards are used by resident students as a key to access residence halls and some resident rooms on campus.
  • ID cards are used to access meal plans purchased through Bon Appétit, serving as a payment card for meal plans at Bon Appétit dining facilities.
  • ID cards serve as tickets and verification of attendance at athletic and student activities.
  • ID cards serve as library cards to check out library materials. 
  • ID cards are used to gain access to the recreational facilities in the Beauchamp Recreation & Wellness Center.
  • ID cards are used to gain access to various lab spaces on campus.

Building Access

Some UP buildings require ID card for access 24 hours a day; some require them for after-hours and weekend access.

Get an ID Card

To receive a UP ID card, a new community member must present current, government-issued ID at the campus safety office along with an official document that includes the individual's student, staff, or faculty ID number. New students are encouraged to visit the campus safety office before Orientation, if possible, to obtain their UP ID card to avoid long lines and delays.

Lost Cards

If a community member loses their UP ID card, they must report the loss immediately to the campus safety office in person or by phone at 503.943.7161. The card can be temporarily disabled and can be reactivated if found. If the card is not recovered within 48 hours, community members are asked to visit the Campus Safety office to purchase a replacement. The first replacement UP ID card costs $10. Any subsequent replacement cards cost $20.

If the community member has a meal plan, they are advised to report the loss to Bon Appétit, as well, to prevent inappropriate access to their meal plan.