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Parking Permits

All parking spaces in campus parking lots require a permit. Vehicles brought to campus by a student, staff, or faculty member must be registered to obtain a permit and to have the permit displayed at all times. Permits may be obtained yearly via the Department of Campus Safety. Parking permits may be hung from rear view mirror or placed face up on the dashboard if it will not fit around the mirror. Visitor permits may be hung from the rearview mirror with valid date facing out or be placed on the dashboard, again with the valid date facing out. Students living within the square created between N. McKenna, N. Olin, and N. Princeton in the University Park neighborhood are not authorized to obtain a University parking permit. A parking permit may be denied for vehicles that cannot fit into a single parking space.

Motorcycles and mopeds are not required to have a parking permit but must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. Motorcycle and moped parking is available on campus. 

Parking Permit Fees

Permit Type 2023 - 2024 Fee
Semester Student "S" Permit $95.00
Academic Year Student "S" Permit $180.00

Payments may be received in cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee parking availability and the University does not grant refunds on parking permit purchases.

Parking Permit Types

The University issues several different types of parking permits. Each type of permit authorizes the holder to park only in specified parking areas. Parking permits are non-transferable, though the permit may be used in multiple registered vehicles belonging to the permit-holder. Types of permits and authorized parking areas are as follows:

"S" Permit

Issued to students. Authorizes parking in any general parking space. Parking in reserved, carpool, Commons Parking Lot, and visitor spaces is prohibited at all times.

"E" Permit

Issued to faculty/staff for general parking. Parking in reserved, carpool, and visitor spaces is prohibited at all times. This includes Bon Appetit and Barnes & Noble staff.

"W" Permit

Authorizes parking in Waldschmidt Hall Lot and in any general spaces on campus.

"W Reserved" Permit

Authorizes parking in "reserved parking" in the Waldschmidt Hall parking lot.

Reserved spaces and the Waldschmidt Hall parking lot require W or WR permits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. W and WR permits cannot be transferred, loaned, or borrowed. All permits issued to employees of the University must be returned to the Department of Campus Safety upon completion of employment at the University.