Parking and Driving at UP | University of Portland

Parking and Driving at UP

Parking Regulations

Traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In general, all motor vehicle laws as defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes and the Portland Traffic Code have been adopted by the University of Portland and will be enforced as applicable to the University of Portland campus.

The University does not take responsibility for injury, loss, or damage suffered on its property.

Parking regulations are subject to amendment as the need arises.

Vehicle Registration

The University requires that any vehicle that will be used as transportation to and from campus must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. There is no charge for this registration. Contact the department to complete registration.

For any vehicles that will be parking on campus, they must be registered with Campus Safety and display a parking permit at all times. This is to ensure we can contact the responsible person for the vehicle as needed, i.e. lights are left on or another vehicle backed into your vehicle and caused damage. 

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking spaces are to be used only by vehicles prominently displaying appropriate identification as described in ORS 811.602. A copy of this statute is available at Drivers without a disabled parking permit may be cited for stopping or blocking a disabled parking space, including the striped spaces adjacent to the disabled space.

Electronic Vehicle Parking

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are located in the main parking lot, adjacent to the Clark library. There are two spaces reserved for EV vehicles only. In front of the Louisiana Pacific Tennis Center are two additional EV charging stations. If you are a UP community member please email from your UP email account with your permit number and license plate number to receive a PIN for discounted charging at the charging station. You can use that PIN within your external account to receive the discount when charging at UP.

EV parking spaces are limited to 4 hours of use for vehicle charging, after which the vehicle must move to a non-EV parking space.

Freshman Student Parking

Due to the extremely limited availability of parking spaces on campus, resident students classified as first-year students may not bring an automobile to the University. In rare circumstances if this policy poses a hardship, an exception may be granted by the Director of Campus Safety. Applications for exception must include ample and specific justification for granting an exemption. Exemption requests will be reviewed beginning in July for the coming academic year. An email will be sent advising if the request is approved. If you have submitted a request and not received a decision by mid-August, please email or call the office to check the status. Click here to complete a Freshman Exception Request. 

With the additional closure of the lower Franz river campus our parking options are even more impacted for students, faculty and staff. Please do not request an exception unless absolutely needed.

Driving at UP

For community members who will be driving others for University sponsored activity or business, please review the vehicle and transportation policy and electronically submit the Driver Information Form. Students must also complete the online Driver Safety Training. Contact the campus safety office at or at 503.943.7161 for any additional questions.