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The University of Portland is a partner with Zipcar, an innovative car-sharing program, with vehicles on campus for students, faculty, and staff to use when they need them. With Zipcar, the University of Portland is reducing negative impacts on the campus community and the environment while improving mobility options for all. Zipcar is available if you need to get to a meeting, run an errand, make an appointment, or taking a trip to the mountain to ski or the beach to surf. We encourage you to leave your car at home and take Zipcar instead!

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Zipcar for UP Students

Zipcar and the University of Portland offer Zipcar memberships to the student population, 18 years old and up, so you can leave your car at home. With limited parking on campus, students are encouraged to not bring their vehicles to campus. Additionally, with the cost of parking and gas, having a car at UP gets expensive. With multiple types of Zipcars on campus, take your pick on which car you want to drive.

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