Traffic Regulations | University of Portland

Traffic Regulations

The University requires that all persons operating a motor vehicle on campus possess a valid operator’s license and liability insurance.

Violation of this requirement will constitute grounds for revocation of campus driving privileges. Boot letters and enforcement documents are sent to the last known physical or email address; it is the responsibility of the student, staff, or faculty member to update their current contact information.

Production and/or use of a lost or stolen permit or duplicating, altering, or forgery of a University parking permit is a violation of University policy and will be forwarded to the assistant director for student conduct for appropriate disciplinary action.

  1. Campus speed limit is 15 mph. Driving in a manner or speed that is not reasonable is prohibited.

  2. Drivers must obey all posted traffic and parking signs including ground level stops in main lot.

  3. Crosswalks must be respected and pedestrians have right of way.

  4. The road behind Kenna Hall is an exit only and vehicles are prohibited from entering campus by use of this roadway.

  5. Driving or parking on lawn or sidewalk areas is prohibited.

  6. Instructions given to a driver by a University Campus Safety Officer must be obeyed.

  7. Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in vehicles under Oregon law.

  8. Operators and passengers on motorcycles and mopeds must wear an approved helmet under Oregon law.

  9. During Residence Hall move-in and move-out times, parking regulations may be modified.

  10. Vehicle owners are at all times responsible for, and may be cited for, the unlawful operation of his or her vehicle by another driver.

  11. Failure to stop or yield to a Campus Safety vehicle may result in the loss of driving privileges on campus and the prohibition of the vehicle operating on University property.