Streetwise and Safe Parking | University of Portland

Streetwise and Safe Parking

  • When in the parking lot areas, be aware of your surroundings. Always park in a well-lit area. Any problems with lights should be reported to Campus Safety (if on-campus) or to the City of Portland immediately.

  • Look around the parking lot before exiting your vehicle and have your cardkey or building keys out and ready to be used. When walking from your car, be aware of people in the area and look for vehicles not usually parked in the lot or on the street when you arrive for class. The same procedures should be followed when leaving after-hours.

  • Make sure your vehicle is locked and the alarm is turned on.

  • Listen for any sounds other than street traffic.

  • Do not walk in any dark or secluded areas by yourself. If you are nervous about walking to your car, phone Campus Safety for an escort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Don't park in the same place every day.