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Thank you for considering University of Portland interns to assist in your organization.

Interested in meeting potential UP interns on campus? Visit the Recruiting on Campus information page.

When you hire a UP intern, you gain an eager, innovative, and devoted worker, as well as the ability to:

  • Observe potential employees first hand and build a recruitment pipeline of talent
  • Allow internal staff to develop their supervisory skills
  • Complete special projects outside of the scope of existing operations
  • Give back to the local community while helping students progress in personal and career development

Internships are a student driven process at University of Portland. We’ll work with you to develop a robust and valuable internship experience, promote the opportunity to the entire UP student community and work to match internships to qualified students through faculty and staff members.

Expectations of Internship Supervisors:

  • Register and submit an internship job description to Handshake.
  • Offer pay in addition to credit if a for-profit organization.
  • Accept the student intern as a fully functional member of the organization, with access to assignments, coaching and resources requisite to the preparation of professionals.
  • Assist and guide the intern in meeting his/her professional goals and learning objectives of the internship.
  • Offer professional growth experiences through diverse offerings such as training programs, seminars, orientations and other developmental activities.
  • Encourage outside perspectives from the student while offering constructive feedback and regular evaluation.
  • Assist in submitting the University of Portland Internship Learning Agreement on Handshake and a final evaluation if the student is completing the internship for academic credit.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate the necessary information, and documents, to receive academic credit from a school or department.

More information about UP’s internship criteria, including guides to creating an internship position description, academic credit and compensation information can be accessed on the What is an Internship? handout.

Below are two additional internship resources from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE): 


Contact Audrey Fancher, Internship & Engagement Coordinator, at 503.943.8445 or