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Journeys from the Bluff

The Career Education Center conducts an annual First Destination Survey of the activities of its most recent graduates, which is compiled into an interactive First Destination dashboard and #FirstPorts summary sheets. This includes information on career outcomes related to employment, continuing education, fellowships, post-graduate volunteer and military service. 

Two students in commencement cap and gown, facing away from the camera

Adam Acevedo

Adam Acevedo - Class of 2019
Dental School at the University of Pacific

"I knew what I wanted to do coming into undergrad so it’s been a big buildup of discovering new things and being part of experiences that have helped get me here."

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Hannah Mathew

Hannah Mathew - Class of 2019
Rehab Aide/Office Manager at a Physical Therapy Clinic

"I am excited to get more exposure to and more experience within the career path that I am working towards. "

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Erin Faloon

Erin Faloon - Class of 2019
Volunteering in Honduras

"The Moreau Center for Service and Justice and the Career Center were both really helpful in figuring out what I wanted to do next year"

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