Welcome, Faculty

The Career Center is honored to partner with faculty members as fellow advisors, resources, and connectors for students and alumni seeking jobs and internships. Students often seek the help of faculty as they navigate difficult choices about majors, graduate study, and careers. As they enter the complex, globally interconnected world of work, students can be overwhelmed by the vast amount of (sometimes conflicting) information that affects their choices and their futures. The Career Center, like you, is dedicated to helping students make their career transitions successfully, both during their time at UP and long after they have graduated.

We rely on faculty and staff to remind students that we are here to help, and direct them to our resources both online and in our office.

Specific ways we can partner with you:

Alumni Achievements

We're always excited to celebrate the achievements of our alumni. If you know of an alumnus/alumna who's landed a great new job, let us know! Please email any updates to Amy Cavanaugh, director cavanaug@up.edu.

Job Opportunities

We post off-campus jobs and internships for students and alumni on Handshake. Please direct opportunities our way: we will ensure they receive the maximum distribution to UP students and alumni. Contact us if you are interested in receiving periodic emails about current opportunities to send to interested students.


Faculty members play a key role in communicating experiential learning opportunities to students, while ensuring that these opportunities are valuable learning experiences. For information and resources, visit our Internships - Faculty page. If you have any questions about internships, please contact Audrey Ralston, internship & engagement coordinator, at fancher@up.edu.

If you have questions, ideas, or concerns, let us know.



While we are always happy to be a resource for UP students, please inform us prior to the beginning of the semester if you plan to require your students to visit the Career Center. This allows us to plan accordingly and ensure that all students and alumni benefit from our help as much as possible.