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Informational Interviews

Would you be willing to give advice to someone from your high school if they were curious about UP? Of course you would! That's the same concept as informational interviewing—connecting with Pilots who have perspective or experience in a field or organization that you're interested in. You can use this resource on LinkedIn to see where Pilots are, what they're doing, and connect with them to begin the informational interview process.  

It's a less intimidating form of networking because the intention is to learn as much as you can about a particular occupation or field, not to ask for a job. Since the interaction is one on one and more personalized, informational interviewing is great way to connect with a variety of people working in your desired industry. This no-pressure environment is a way to build confidence for future interviews. 

Please refer to this handout for a more detailed outline about how to identify people to talk to, how to reach out, and what kinds of questions to ask. 

Use this tracking sheet to document the process and the people that you meet.