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Maximize Your Internship

Congratulations on finding and securing your internship! This is where the fun begins. How can you make the most of your time at the organization? Whether this is your first professional work environment, or you have had multiple internships already, it is time to apply your coursework in a real-world context! 

  • Download the Independent Internship Resource Guide. This contains resources for students who have secured an internship at an organization off-campus and will not receive academic credit or formalized supervision from a faculty member.  
If you are completing your internship for academic credit, make sure you have completed your Internship Learning Agreement form via Handshake Experiences before or within the first two weeks of your internship. This is imperative for a number of reasons. Firstly, your supervisor needs to know what your learning goals are and make sure that those are in alignment with your agreed upon job description. Secondly, if your faculty supervisor or internship coordinator have any questions or concerns about your experience, those can be addressed at the beginning of your time with that organization. Thirdly, if it turns out that there are organizational difficulties with getting the paperwork signed, this gives UP staff and faculty time to work with the employer (this does happen more often than you might think).