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Alumni Profiles

Photo of Dylan Evangelista-Encarnacion

Dylan Evangelista-Encarnacion - Class of 2016
Communication Studies

"Don’t just find a job. Find a brand than aligns with your values or shares your interests."

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Sarah Djuricic

Sarah Djuricic - Class of 2015

"Every single experience has value if you’re just able to shift your perspective and see it."

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Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson - Class of 2015

"It’s important to remember that everyone is on their own career path and yours might look totally different from someone else’s - and that’s okay!"

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Photo of Briana Rossi

Briana Rossi - Class of 2015

"You need to ask for the things that you want in your career."

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Photo of Marissa Viramontes

Marissa Viramontes - Class of 2015

"I learned that evaluating shifting priorities and taking a deep look into the why behind your goals is what’s most important."

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Photo of Helena Chew

Helena Chew - Class of 2014
Operations & Technology Management, Finance

"Don’t talk the talk. Walk the walk."

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Photo of Viet-Linh Pham

Viet-Linh Pham - Class of 2013

"Be open to opportunities, even if they’re not part of your original plan, and you’ll end up where you need to be."

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Lupita Ruiz-Tolento

Lupita Ruiz-Tolento - Class of 2013
Psychology, French, and Spanish

"I changed the way I conceived of my undergraduate career: not strictly as my majors, but as an integration of academic, professional, and life experiences."

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Jim Calko

Jim Calko - Class of 2014
Masters of Business Administration

"Network, be persistent and look for the right fit."

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Elizabeth McKee

Elizabeth McKee - Class of 2007
Social Work

"When you are job searching or negotiating, it’s important to put your own needs and desires first."

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Kathryn Hickok

Kathryn Hickok - Class of 2003

"Be flexible in the options you consider while also being honest with yourself."

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