Claire Hawkins ’21 | University of Portland

Claire Hawkins ’21

Marketing Intern at Webfor

Major: Marketing

Claire Hawkins“My day-to-day at my internship includes creating content for different companies that hire the Webfor agency. Right now, there are seven clients that I do social media for that consist of construction, concrete, roofing, fencing, and moving companies. I am also in the process of creating brand voices for each client and pulling analytics for each one. I have learned how to dive deep into analytics using SEO optimization and utilizing that data to ensure that I am creating the best content for the client, at the right time.

I believe internships are important for undergraduate students because they give amazing opportunities to shadow people from different areas of a company and get feedback that normally you maybe would not get at a job. Even though I was a marketing intern, I was able to learn about SEO optimization because I voiced to my supervisor it was something that interested me.”