Cyrus Maunakea '19 | University of Portland

Cyrus Maunakea '19

Marketing Intern at CrowdStreet 

Major: Marketing

Cyrus Maunakea"I managed the social media accounts by posting content including articles, videos, graphics that either I curated or got from my team. I also created video content that was used for social and email campaigns that helped promote our products. I also helped plan and coordinate company events by finding event spaces, speaking with vendors to ensure we had everything needed for that event. 

"I was fortunate that CrowdStreet gave me the opportunity to practice what I loved to do since I was a sophomore in high school. During the internship, and even now as full time I would create video content for the company. Creating video content and taking pictures really started as a hobby. I found out that I loved the creative process I went through every time I made a video. At CrowdStreet, I am able to continue that process pretty much everyday, and I love it! I'm glad that I was able to turn a hobby into a career and look forward to where I go now, being full time.

"Now, I am learning more about the business world in general, and, am trying to take in as much as I possibly can. I got a lot of value working in a start-up (ish) environment where everything is very fast-paced. I had to be ready for anything and willing to learn on the job."