Devin Ajimine '19 | University of Portland

Devin Ajimine '19

Product Commercialization Intern at Oceanit

Devin Ajimine“As a product commercialization intern at Oceanit, my main task is to work on projects of intellectual properties that are funded by government agencies or private companies. I spend most of my time on website building, product development and design, conducting user experience research, and commercializing for future research and more funding. I work closely with the science and technology department to commercialize their products and help to rapidly prototype ideas in the lab.

Oceanit is an innovative engineering and science company that strives for disruptive thinking and rule breaking. My favorite moment as an intern was being able to participate in product development meetings and understand the breakdown of the logistics. There is a whole process involved in bringing ideas from mind to market and you have to understand the technicality of the problem. It’s quite eye-opening. Even as just an intern, I am able to ask questions and throw ideas out.

The main thing I am constantly learning during this internship is the long journey of innovative development and being fluent in a wide spectrum of engineering concepts, and not just in computer science. When working with scientists and engineers on different projects, I have to learn the base fundamentals in order to come up with executable ideas and materials. Internships are a way to gain experience, but more importantly, they are here to develop the way you think in real life settings for real life problems.”