Lina Tragni '18

Product Management Intern at Albertson’s Companies

Lina Tragni"At my internship at Albertson’s Companies, my responsibilities include financial forecasting, product evaluation, and obtaining and managing consumer insights as well as attending product cuttings. I have learned so much during my summer internship, such as how to forecast whether a product is a good financial investment, how to determine what consumers are saying about products, and how certain products follow certain trends. As a political science major, I really wanted an internship where I could experience what a corporate office and professional environment was like.

I believe that internships are important for undergraduates because it allows them to experience what a job or field is like prior to graduating. Being an undergraduate student, I think its important to put yourself out there and apply for any position that looks interesting. After I graduate, I hope to work for a few years then pursue a master’s degree in security studies, emphasizing my studies on national security."