Michelle McLaren '17 | University of Portland

Michelle McLaren '17

Summer worker at NIKE

Michelle McLaren“This summer, I am a NIKE summer worker on the Information Solutions team in the North America Marketplace Operations organization. My internship responsibilities include gathering user feedback regarding a variety of document storage methodologies. I then use this information to create an intuitive and efficient organization structure.

At NIKE, I’ve learned to how to communicate better, as well as facilitation and people skills that I haven’t even considered within my professional development. I have also greatly improved my technical skills with SharePoint, Tableau, and PowerPoint. Overall, my internship has taught me how to adapt to different challenges and changes in the workplace.

Internships are invaluable learning experiences that you can’t gain anywhere else as a student. When you’re an intern, you have unlimited knowledge at your fingertips from the organization as well as the people that you work with. I applied for this NIKE internship because I wanted an opportunity to hone my professional communication skills as well as my technical skills with different software. 

I believe students should meet as many people as possible and learn about the opportunities out there. Students should also go to networking events, because UP offers some amazing opportunities. I even found out about my internship through the UP operations and technology management speed networking event.”