At-Home COVID Testing | University of Portland

At-Home COVID Testing

The Student Health Center is no longer able to provide free self-test kits to students, staff, or faculty. Students can call to make a COVID testing appointment at the Health Center at 503.943.7134. The cost of testing will be charged to the student's health insurance.

It is always a good idea to have at least a couple of self-test kits on hand as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. To get the most accurate results, at-home rapid testing is best advised on your first and third day of COVID-like symptoms (i.e. cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, sore throat, congestion, etc.). On days 1-3 of symptoms, you should be limiting your exposure to other people as much as possible and wearing a mask at all times around others.

Questions about COVID testing can be directed to the Health Center via phone (503.943.7134) or email (

COVID-19 Coverage With Private Insurance

Effective 5/12/2023, private insurance companies are no longer required to cover the cost of self-test kits for their members.

The Health Center at UP is unable to answer questions regarding your specific insurance coverage for COVID tests. Please contact your health insurance provider using the customer/member services phone number on your insurance card for questions about your coverage. Coverage for COVID testing is subject to change at the discretion of each insurance provider.

Purchasing Self-Test Kits

  • CVS Pharmacy – closest location to campus is 1555 N Tomahawk Island Dr.
  • Walgreens Pharmacy – closest location to campus is 2829 N Lombard St.
  • Fred Meyer Pharmacy – closest location to campus is 6850 N Lombard St.
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy – closest location to campus is 600 NW 10th Ave.
  • Safeway – closest location to campus is 8330 N Ivanhoe St.
  • iHealth: 2 test kits for $17.98 + free shipping
  • BinaxNOW: 2 test kits, price varies by retailer (between $19.88 - $23.99)
  • QuickVue: 2 test kits, price varies by retailer (around $23.99)