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Do you want to take your study habits to a higher level?

You've found the right place. The Study is a peer tutoring program of the Learning Commons aimed at helping students to develop and refine study strategies at the college level. In contrast to content area tutoring, The Study tutors focus on both generic and discipline-specific study strategies:

  • Planning your time for durable learning
  • The Study Cycle
  • Note-taking
  • Reading college textbooks
  • Tools for breaking down content
  • Learning strategies
  • Goal setting

You can make appointments with our tutors in The Study any time during the semester. Come once for a small boost or make up to three consecutive appointments to work intensively on your study habits.

Looking for tips to help you with final exams and papers?

Our peer educators have curated strategies to make preparing for finals and writing final papers more effective and enjoyable:

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Looking for help in biology courses for nurses?

Caitlyn works with many first and second-year nursing students who seek support in studying for BIO 205, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology. 

Get study strategy help for biology courses

Did you know?

When we approach learning, it's not just about what to learn. We need to consider how to learn it. This means, we need to think in terms of learning strategies. The Study is here to help you learn more about how to learn.

The Learning Commons is a program of the Shepard Academic Resource Center. SARC offers more support for developing learning strategies, such as Learning Assistance Counseling and an online Academic Toolkit.

See you in The Study!