Learning Assistance Counseling | University of Portland

Learning Assistance Counseling

Br. Thomas Giumenta, CSC, the University's learning assistance counselor, is available to assist students in developing learning strategies and skills.

Learning assistance teaches students learning strategies and skills — like those in our Academic Toolkit  — enabling them to become successful students and future professionals. Many students find the demands of college-level academic work to be greater than anticipated and it is important for students to prepare themselves for the level of work required. Students work with the learning assistance counselor to develop and refine the skills and tools necessary to best meet the student's needs.

Schedule an In-Person Appointment

Common reasons for making an appointment:

  • Interest in improving learning skills to be more successful
  • Improving time management and prioritizing assignments
  • Poor grades on exams
  • Overdue assignments
  • Test anxiety
  • Overwhelmed by study workload
  • Difficulty with textbook readings and note-taking

Assistance is available for:

  • Reading and comprehension strategies
  • Note-taking
  • Study strategies
  • Time management
  • Test-taking
  • Learning and remembering strategies