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Meal Plans

University of Portland 2024-2025 Meal Plans

In designing meal plans, we take into consideration the eating habits of the average University of Portland student. This includes the volume of food purchased per meal, the frequency with which meals are eaten, and how often one takes advantage of dining outside of regular meal hours. In an attempt to keep the cost of plans at a reasonable rate, the very heartiest eaters or those at the top of the curve of any meal plan level may find they need to purchase more points for their individual plan. Meal plans are designed to cover meals that are offered in either the Pilot House or Bauccio Commons. Purchases in Mack’s Market and frequent visits to our espresso bars can often deplete meal plan dollars quickly and may require the purchase of Bluff Bucks as outlined below.


Choosing the Right Plan

When choosing a meal plan, it’s important for students to realistically consider how they like to eat. Do you snack constantly? Skip breakfast, but eat a big meal at dinner? Are you happy with a light salad at lunch, or do you prefer something more substantial?

We’ve learned over the years that the typical student does not eat three meals a day, seven days a week, on campus. We’ve also learned over the years that in the busy world of college life, students often spend a little more on retail items in Mack’s Market than they first expect.

So, our meal plans are built to reflect the real-life behaviors of students. Each plan can be augmented with additional Bluff Bucks to ensure that funds are always available when hunger strikes, or when a double tall mocha with extra whip is necessary for a late-night study session.


The Plans (2024-2025 School Year Rates)

Meal Plan 1 – 2100 Points

This meal plan costs $2,400 per semester and is designed for light eaters and those who tend to spend only part of their time on campus. Choose this plan if you’ll sit down at Bauccio Commons or Pilot House for one full meal a day with friends, then drop by for one or two more light meals on the run.

Meal Plan 2 – 2525 Points

This mid-range plan hits the sweet spot for most students. It costs $2,825 per semester. Choose this plan if you’ll probably have two full meals most days at Bauccio Commons or Pilot House, plus an occasional light meal.

Meal Plan 3 – 2950 Points

This plan costs $3,250 and is designed for those who expect to sit down for most meals, light or hearty, in Pilot House or Bauccio Commons, or those who have larger appetites for the meals they do eat.

Bluff Bucks - 200 Points

Bluff Bucks cost $200. The University’s meal plans are intended to cover the cost of meals. While meal plan points can be used for any Bon Appétit purchase, some students may want to purchase extra points to cover the cost of gourmet coffees, snacks, or purchases at Mack’s Market. Bluff Bucks can be purchased up front and/or as needed. 


What’s the Deal with Bluff Bucks?

Many students find they spend more on retail items in Mack’s Market than they expect. Sometimes this is because schedules packed with classes and extracurriculars mean a salad or sandwich on the run is the best choice. Other times it’s because a stash of dorm snacks and a daily latte are part of the college lifestyle. To ensure students on all meal plans have maximum flexibility, additional Bluff Bucks are available for purchase at any time throughout the semester. Think of Bluff Bucks as “snack money” — they’re truly designed for students that would like to frequent Mack’s Market or enjoy coffee drinks and specialty pastry items in our espresso bars regularly. Regular meal points and Bluff Bucks can be used to purchase items at any dinning facility.

Bluff Bucks can be purchased at the Bauccio Commons business office or by contacting 503-943-7330. 


Off Campus Students

Students living off-campus may purchase a meal plan here.
Off campus meal plans are purchased by the semester and do not automatically renew from fall to spring. Meal points from fall do carry over to the spring, but unused points from either semester are lost at the end of the spring semester.



  • To change a Meal Plan before the semester starts, students can log into their eRezLife account and select a higher- or lower-level option.
  • After the semester starts, students can change their meal plan by emailing Students have until the second Friday of Fall semester or the first Friday of Spring semester to change their Meal Plan.
  • Bon Appétit shares a spending chart at the beginning of each semester for students to determine if they will have enough points to last for the semester based on their first weeks' spending in any food venue on campus.