Getting Involved in Campus Life | University of Portland

Getting Involved in Campus Life

The years you spend at the University of Portland should include more than hour upon hour of study in the library. Education of the mind is just one aspect of a UP education; we believe that education of the heart - inside and outside the classroom - is just as important. You can make the most of your years at the University by getting involved.

Top 10 Ways to Get Involved

  1. Join or attend events put on by student clubs and organizations.

  2. Play basketball, lift weights, rent bikes, climb the rock wall, and more at the Beauchamp Recreation and Wellness Center.

  3. Participate in volunteer service through the Moreau Center for Service and Leadership.

  4. Nurture your spiritual side by participating in Campus Ministry programs like liturgies, retreats, or Bible study.

  5. Become an ASUP (Associated Students of the University of Portland) senator for your residence hall, college or school, or class.

  6. Attend the numerous Campus Program Board (CPB) events.

  7. Participate in your residence hall's community life.

  8. Join a musical group or theater production.

  9. Cheer for a Pilot sports team at a soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, cross country, or track event. Or join the cheer-leading squad/dance team for men's basketball.

  10. Get off-campus. Take Tri-Met (public bus) downtown or to Lloyd Center for dinner, a performance, or festival. Grab a friend and take a walk to explore St. Johns.