Student Government (ASUP)


All full-time undergraduate students are members of the Associated Students of the University of Portland (ASUP), founded in its current form in 1949. ASUP represents the needs and interests of students, develops extracurricular activities, and fosters the recognition of students' rights and responsibilities. For more information about the services or activities, or about the jobs and positions associated with these services and governing bodies, please contact ASUP.

ASUP Executive Board 2021-2022

Emma Fuller, ASUP President
Megan Meckey, ASUP Vice President
Kiana Storm, Director of Communications
Graham Finch, Director of Finance
Jessica Yoshioka, CPB Director
Miguel Navarro, Speaker of the Senate

ASUP Services & Directors 2022-2023

Amanda Schiff, Director

Pilot Express 
Colleen Sussex, Director

ASUP Films
Destiny Kramer, Director                                               

Espresso UP 
Hannah Kyle, Director

Composting Program
Sam Ulloa, Coordinator

Pilot Audio & Lighting
Nathan Bolden, Director

ASUP Senators 2022-2023

Click here for the ASUP Senate webpage