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Student Government


All full-time undergraduate students are members of the Associated Students of the University of Portland (ASUP), founded in its current form in 1949.  ASUP  exists to provide an organization through which the needs and interests of students can be represented, by which extracurricular activities can be developed, and as a means to foster the recognition of students' rights and responsibilities.  For more information about the services or activities, or about the jobs and positions associated with these services and governing bodies, please contact ASUP.

ASUP Executive Board 2018-2019

Sitara Nath, President
Michael Gallagher, Vice President
Kathleen Burks, Director of Communications
Brandon Wester, Director of Finance
Kaity Sullivan, CPB Director
Brady Boos, Speaker of the Senate

ASUP Services & Directors 2018-2019

Amanda Ryan, Director

Pilot Express 
Danielle Yao, Director

Sage Taylor, Director                                                                                                           

Espresso UP 
Joseph Lesieutre, Director

Pilots Audio & Lighting
Mario Manzo, Director