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Student Internships

William Heyler

William Heyler - Class of 2023
Summer Intern: Customer Service at First Insurance Company of Hawaii

"This year I learned several important things about the corporate world and what it is like to work in an office during a global pandemic, both skills that will be useful into the future."

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Hallie Turk

Hallie Turk - Class of 2022
Construction Engineering Intern at SECON Southeast Alaska

"Internships are important because they guide students toward a career-driven mindset."

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Lillia Smith

Lillia Smith - Class of 2021
Research Associate in the Aeromechanics Branch at NASA

"Once I heard that an internship at NASA was possible, I decided that I wanted to blend my major and my love for space into one career goal."

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Jeffrey Hayashi

Jeffrey Hayashi - Class of 2021
Summer Student at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

"For students in the natural and health sciences, internships are important experiences that reinforce material that we learn in school in a more realistic way."

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Dan Moldovan

Dan Moldovan - Class of 2020
Electronic Design Automation Intern at Maxim Integrated

"Through this internship, I learned about the manufacturing process of wafers and chips in the semiconductor industry."

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Photo of Katie Moreland

Katie Moreland - Class of 2022
Marketing Intern at Barlean's Organic Oils

"Internships are so important for undergrads because you really can’t learn everything in the classroom. There are so many skills you learn by working with different people. "

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Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller - Class of 2021
Security Engineer Intern at PayPal

"I wanted an internship that would allow me to grow my understanding of cyber security and allow myself to see how different teams work together to strengthen an organization’s security posture."

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Photo of Austin De Dios

Austin De Dios - Class of 2022
Business Reporting Intern at Portland Business Journal

"When you start an internship, it’s an expectation that you’re there to learn and develop skills you may not have had before. That kind of environment allows mistakes, and that’s one of the best ways to learn. "

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Nick Kanno '21

Nick Kanno - Class of 2021
Civil Engineer 1 at Belt Collins Hawaii LLC

"[I'm] learning and growing as an engineer in the industry, and using what I've learned throughout my undergraduate to help guide me."

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Larissa Yee

Larissa Yee - Class of 2021
Social Marketing, Public Relations, and Events Intern at Astrid & Miyu

"My favorite project was working on the set of a photo shoot where I was able to help bring ideas to life with outfits, scenery, and jewelry."

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Alex Schendel

Alex Schendel - Class of 2021
Firmware Engineer Intern at Intel Corporation

"I recommend that all students try to get an internship, which will give them meaningful work and valuable resources to help them in the future."

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Logan Alindogan

Logan Alindogan - Class of 2020
Landscape and Forestry Intern at Portland General Electric

"Although you may be hired onto a company for a specific job or task, you are not limited to that alone. Most good companies will present the opportunity to move and grow within the company."

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Claire Hawkins

Claire Hawkins - Class of 2021
Marketing Intern at Webfor

"I believe internships are important for undergraduate students because they give amazing opportunities to shadow people from different areas of a company."

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Justin Manahan

Justin Manahan - Class of 2022
Project Intern at P&C Construction

"Landing an internship is one of the best learning opportunities for college students and can help sets them up for great success in college and in their future."

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Mollie Rutz

Mollie Rutz - Class of 2021
Research Assistant Intern at the National Academy of Public Administration

"There is so much more work done behind the scenes to make our federal agencies work efficiently and productively."

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Griffin King '21

Griffin King - Class of 2021
Tax AMCS Associate at KPMG

"My favorite University of Portland memory is traveling to New Zealand with the Entrepreneur Scholars program."

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Chadler Iriarte

Chadler Iriarte - Class of 2020
Student Engineering Intern at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

"I applied for this internship to gain more engineering experience, and for the unique opportunity of working for the federal government while still attending college."

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