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Student Internships

Photo of Kati Cooke

Kati Cooke - Class of 2018
Corporate finance intern at Intel Corporation

"Thanks to my resources at UP, including my accounting professors and the Career Center, I was able to secure my dream internship. "

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photo of Eli Waxman

Eli Waxman - Class of 2020
Research assistant for University of Portland Biology department

"There’s something special about being in a “real life” lab scenario for the first time, especially as a student."

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photo of Kathleen Burks

Kathleen Burks - Class of 2019
No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador at North Clackamas School District

"Internships are important because they give you the opportunity to figure out what you like and help you find what you're truly passionate about."

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photo of Jessica Huerta

Jessica Huerta - Class of 2018
Victim Advocate at the Washington County District Attorney’s Office

"Internships are important for undergraduate students not only to have some type of experience to put on resumes, but also to get a feel for their future career."

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photo of Riley O'Rourke

Riley O'Rourke - Class of 2020
Entomology Collections Assistant at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

"By doing job shadows, volunteer work, and now my museum internship, I have figured out that the museum is where I want to be. "

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photo of Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez - Class of 2018
Tax intern at EY

"I applied for the internship position at EY because I wanted to see how the skills learned in school could be applied to the on-job work of an accountant."

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photo of Joseph Albright

Joseph Albright - Class of 2018
AAP Systems Stress Intern at Gulfstream Aerospace Company

"Even as an intern I was able to contribute in a small way to the larger goal of the company."

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photo of Maddy Murphy

Maddy Murphy - Class of 2018
Summer Intern at Indian Health Service

"I’m so happy to have been part of a wonderful office who not only taught me about the job, but about life lessons as well."

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Photo of Lina Tragni

Lina Tragni - Class of 2018
Product Management Intern at Albertson’s Companies

"As a political science major, I really wanted an internship where I could experience what a corporate office and professional environment was like."

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photo of Collin Haahr

Collin Haahr - Class of 2017
Intern at The Bus Project

"This internship has also taught me to not be scared of trying different opportunities, regardless of my work or education background."

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