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Augusto Carneiro

Augusto Carneiro - Class of 2001
Mechanical Engineering

"At UP, I learned the art of leading my peers. "

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Katie Scally

Katie Scally - Class of 2011
Communication Studies and Political Science

"People can make a difference in their communities. "

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photo of Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson - Class of 2017

"Care and compassion motivate me"

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photo of Megan Lester

Megan Lester - Class of 2015
English and German Studies

"UP set the stage for my career."

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photo of Ramon “RJ” Tagorda

Ramon “RJ” Tagorda - Class of 2015
Master of Arts in Education, PACE Program

"Your success is important at UP."

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Joe Novello

Joe Novello - Class of 2004

"The University made me who I am today. "

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Claire Clelland

Claire Clelland - Class of 2005
Biology and Philosophy

"My liberal arts education was essential."

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photo of Shannon Danforth

Shannon Danforth - Class of 2016
Civil Engineering

"Rigorous classes prepared me well."

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photo of Malika Andrews

Malika Andrews - Class of 2017
Organizational Communication

"I have been incredibly lucky to have an army of amazing mentors, industry friends and professors that pushed me to be my best and continued even when I wanted to give up."

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