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Outcomes and Value

Grow, Lead and Succeed at UP

When you graduate from UP, you’ll have covered a vast amount of intellectual terrain — both in your studies and out in the field.

At UP, the Possibilities Are Endless

Samantha Rivas
“I knew I wanted to go to medical school and that mentorship during my undergrad years would be very important. That’s why I chose UP.”
Samantha Rivas 2020 Mathematics
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Michael Solitaria
“I chose UP because I felt I could build a community there, it was in a city I wanted to explore, and I wanted to discover what my Catholic faith meant to me outside of my family.”
Michael Solitaria 2017 Elementary Education
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Lydia Heye
“The incredible faculty at UP advised me in my junior year to consider law school, given my passion for racial and social justice.”
Lydia Heye 2019 Political Science
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Kai Takeuchi
“The business core curriculum gave me great exposure to all the business majors, which helped me figure out what I ultimately wanted to do.”
Kai Takeuchi 2018 Marketing and Operations & Technology Management
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At UP, you’ll have real-world, immersive experiences

Photo of Austin De Dios
“When you start an internship, it’s an expectation that you’re there to learn and develop skills you may not have had before. That kind of environment allows mistakes, and that’s one of the best ways to learn. ”
Austin De Dios 2022 Business Reporting Intern at Portland Business Journal
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Julia Kimoto
“UP is a great place to pursue anything you’re interested in. Whatever you’re passionate about, there are people around and tons of resources to help you pursue it.”
Julia Kimoto 2020 Civil Engineering
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Emma Scheve
“I fell in love with the German language and UP allowed me to translate my studies into incredible experiences living, learning, and working abroad.”
Emma Scheve 2019 History, German Studies, Economics minor
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Connor Heffernan
“At UP, I was able to focus on the political topics that fascinated me most and intern with two Oregon legislature election campaigns, all of which watered the roots of my public service career.”
Connor Heffernan 2022 Political Science, Economics
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