Enya O'Kane '18

Enya Okane

Major: Biology (minor in Fine Arts)
Hometown: Ventura, CA
Residence Hall: Mehling Hall (now off campus)

Student Ambassador
Freshman Workshop Leader
Biology Club President
Alpha Lamba Delta Honor Society
Blue Keys Honor Society
Division I Rowing (2014-2016)
Intermural Coed Soccer
Study Abroad in Australia (Fall 2016)

Why did you decide to enroll at UP?
UP provides a community that fosters love, community, and individuality.

Best memory from living in the residence halls?
My first weekend on campus Villa Maria was hosting the Sunday night shopping cart races. Each team needed a girl from Mehling to push the carts to win the race. I was painting my nails in my room when one of the Villa guys frantically ran to the second floor in a helmet and asked me to help. I ended up pushing two guys in a shopping cart at 11 p.m. on the West Quad in my pjs with half painted nails and won!

Favorite UP activity?
Intramurals are so much fun! I've played both kickball and soccer. The intramural championship t-shirts are a prized possession!

Favorite meal served on campus?
Global's Black Bean Burgers 😊

Plans after UP?
I plan on being a pediatric physician's assistant and do marine biology field research on the side. 

Favorite Portland area destination?
Rimsky-Korsakoffee House. It's an abandoned house turned into a late night coffee and dessert bar. Keep Portland Weird!

Favorite UP professor?
Dr. Prestholdt is one of my favorite people at UP! Her passion and enthusiasm makes each and every class extremely entertaining and memorable. She used to run the Crab Lab at UP and is also the advisor for Biology Club. Ask her about how she used to train flounders for the government; it's amazing!!

Favorite UP class?
My favorite class was by far marine biology, but I also really enjoyed ceramics and look forward to taking stone carving in the fall.

Favorite UP event?
The winter de-stressifestival is a great way to take a break from finals! There are therapy dogs and llamas, bouncy houses, rollerblading, photo booths, movies, and snacks.

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