Sam Pasmann '19

Sam PasmannMajor: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Residence Hall: Corrado Hall

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

Why did you decide to enroll at UP?
I enrolled at UP because I wanted a smaller school with a good engineering program. After touring the campus, I fell in love with the school and the people.

Best memory from living in the residence halls?
Hanging out with my best friends. I met almost all of my current friends while living in the residence halls, and we spent hours hanging out, studying, and baking cookies.

Favorite UP activity?
Intramural soccer always gets me super excited. I look forward all week to our game.

Favorite meal served on campus?
The late night menu at The Pilot House serves amazing quesadillas. 

Plans after UP?
I'm looking into attending law school in Eugene. I am also very interested in aerospace engineering and alternative energies. 

Favorite Portland area destination?
Mississippi Avenue is the perfect bike distance away from campus and has tons of restaurants and shops, as well as great people watching. 

Favorite UP professor?
My favorite UP professor is my mechanical engineering professor Dr. Farina. He is passionate, funny, and an amazing professor. Although his classes are difficult, everyone looks forward to his lectures.

Favorite UP class?
Calc II was incredibly interesting. Mr. Wagman taught us how to think and communicate mathematically and was able to show us that math is more than memorizing how to solve problems.  

Favorite UP event?
Rock the Bluff is always an amazing concert. It helps that one of my favorite bands, Bleachers, came to campus two years ago.

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