Advising First-Year Students | University of Portland

Advising First-Year Students

The first several weeks of school set the stage for the student's experience at the University and are critical to incoming students. If possible, students and advisors should schedule a meeting during the first two weeks of the semester to touch base with one another.

The nature and content of a first meeting are flexible. Suggested topics include the following:
  • why the student selected their program of study
  • information about the student's program of study
  • the student's extracurricular interests, especially those that may have an impact on their academic progress, such as ROTC or varsity athletics
  • the student's other academic interests, majors, or minors
  • the role of an academic advisor
  • unresolved academic issues such as transfer credits, AP credits, or previous language experience
  • what to do if the student encounters academic difficulties
The Shepard Academic Resource Center is a place for first-year students to come for support, counsel, and assistance of all sorts. The SARC is an initial stop for academic advising, helps students explore interests related to the first year of studies, and works closely with first-year students having difficulty adjusting to college life. The SARC also provides resources for parents to assist them in helping their students have a successful first year of college.