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Fall Registration

Every year the University has to plan for the incoming freshmen class, and one of the requirements is that there are spaces saved in the CORE classes for the new students arriving in the Fall. Last year there were over 4000 spaces reserved in several subjects for the class of 2023. There are many classes that are reserved purely for incoming freshmen only and others that have a much lower capacity to save room for the next freshmen class. Closed courses and those with lower capacity will announce their status in the title column on self serve - for example THE 105 A says 32 RESV FTF, which means that 32 spaces are reserved for First Time Freshmen. Once the other spaces are full, the course will be closed. Please plan your schedule accordingly. See below for a full list of RESV FTF courses for the Fall 2018 semester.

After registration for the incoming first year students is complete, the first time freshmen restrictions are “removed” – usually on August 1st. On this date there usually no spaces open, but there are students who decide to cancel their fall registration – both new students and continuing students and that’s when spots open up in these classes.

For students who want into a class that is currently unavailable, it is recommend that you put your PIN for registration in a place where you know to find. That way if a spot opens up in August, you don’t have to track down your advisor to get your PIN and you can access the registration portal and make changes to your schedule. 

“Removed” in quotes because there is a technological glitch in the system. Unfortunately, the system won’t allow the Registrar’s Office to actually remove the restriction, but since the class will no longer be a freshmen only class, the restriction can be overridden - we change the class title back to the original title to indicate that there aren’t any more saved seats.

So – after August 1 you can get in the class if self-serve indicates that there is a spot available – here’s how:

  • Try using your PIN. If the seat that is open had been previously held by an upper class student then you will be able to register for it with your PIN.
  • If your PIN doesn’t work – the spot was held for an incoming student. You won’t be able to register on-line, but you will be able to contact the Program Counselor of your college and they can override the freshmen restriction as long as there is space in the class.

Note: The are classes that will not have the First Time Freshmen Restriction removed are those ENG 112, CST 107, MTH 161, THE 105 and PHL 150 sections listed as "First Time Freshmen Only.”

If you have any questions about the First Time Freshmen Restriction or any classes that are closed please contact Brenda Greiner, Director of the Shepard Academic Resource Center, in BC 101.

Biology Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Business Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Chemistry Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Communications Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Education Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Engineering Reserved Seats Fall 2019

English Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Environmental Science Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Fine Art Reserved Seats Fall 2019

History Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Math Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Nursing Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Philosophy Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Physics Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Political Science Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Psychology Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Sociology Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Social Work Reserved Seats Fall 2019

Theology Reserved Seats Fall 2019