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Student Success Resources

Learning Commons

Located in Buckley Center 163, the Learning Commons houses the Integrated Writing Program, Math Resource Lab, Speech Resource Center, and the International Languages and Culture Language Lab.

Math Resource Center

The Math Resource Center offers students free tutoring in their mathematics courses. There are tutors for statistics, pre-calculus, business calculus, finite mathematics, calculus, and vector calculus. No appointment is necessary -- students can drop in whenever they have a question. A schedule of tutors (time and subjects in which they can tutor) will be distributed to every student in a math class. The center is also a good place to meet with fellow students to work on homework assignments and projects. The Math Resource Center also offers a calculus preparation website that can assist students with their studies.

Writing Center

When students need help with writing assignments, they turn to the Writing Center. The program offers peer tutoring and assistance in writing across the curriculum, from nursing to fine arts to engineering. Students using the center work with a trained writing assistant in short (15-30 minute) one-on-one sessions.

International Languages and Cultures Language Lab

The Department of International Languages and Cultures provides a language lab to students wishing to use Internet language and cultural websites. The lab is equipped with six Apple Macintosh computers with headsets and microphones. The language lab is also used from time to time by faculty and students for small classes, projects and group work.

Speech Resource Center

The Speech Resource Center was created to address public speaking needs across the curriculum and provides assistance for students from all majors. Speech assistants are trained to advise students on research, preparation, practice, and delivery of high quality speeches.

University Health and Counseling Center

The University Health and Counseling Center strives to promote the health of heart, mind, and body. Health and counseling services are offered within a single health care center. Services are available to all University of Portland students.

Accessible Education Services

Accessible Education Services serves students with disabilities each semester through accommodations such as extended time on exams, housing accommodations, assistive technology, and other individually-tailored accommodations, according to student need.

Career Education Center

The Career Education Center can begin working with students as early as their first year to help them find career or graduate school paths that will help them achieve their professional goals. Moreover, the office is available to students after they graduate--services are offered free of charge to all alumni.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is at the spiritual heart of the University and is an important resource for our community. The office provides opportunities to worship, serve the Catholic community, receive spiritual counseling, and explore questions of faith, all within the Roman Catholic tradition. Together with the Holy Cross priests and pastoral residents, campus ministry preserves and carries out the University's central goal - an education of both the heart and the mind, a hallmark of the Holy Cross model of education.

Financial Aid

Information and assistance in financial matters may be obtained by the student through the Office of Financial Aid. Students with financial needs and concerns should be directed to see a financial aid counselor.

General Advising Resources

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