Responsibilities of the Advisee | University of Portland

Responsibilities of the Advisee

The advisor-advisee relationship is organic and will vary from student to student. Ideally, students will develop a mentoring relationship with more than one faculty member during their time at the University. In regard to their officially assigned advisors, students are responsible for the following:

  • Advisees are ultimately responsible for making sure that they understand and meet the requirements of their academic programs and the University.
  • First-year, transfer students, and new advisees should arrive at advising meetings with some awareness of academic requirements, questions they would like to have addressed, and any documents requested by their advisors.
  • Continuing advisees should arrive at pre-registration advising meetings with a good sense of the requirements, a preliminary course schedule, and any questions or concerns they have regarding their requirements and/or schedule.
  • Advisees are responsible for scheduling a meeting with their advisor during the advising and registration period. Advisees should be aware that different advisors have different sign-up strategies.
  • Advisees should visit their advisors outside of the advising and registration periods to discuss items beyond scheduling and academic requirements. Conversation topics could include academic regulations, potential application of major after graduation, or referrals to other campus resources.