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Opportunities for Students

Advisors can be most helpful when they mentor students in ways that enhance their academic experiences at the University of Portland. This may involve encouraging students to take advantage of options and opportunities they may not have considered, such as special courses, campus activities, leadership opportunities, internships, study abroad, special scholarships, additional majors or minors, and graduate study. A sample of such opportunities includes the following:

Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad offers opportunities for students to explore their world and immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences through academic programs abroad. Students at UP have the opportunity to participate in programs that touch all corners of the globe — from the old-world streets of London to the rugged beauty of Australia, from the pastoral charm of Mexico to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo.

The University's study abroad programs are carefully designed to complement students' major areas of study, but pursuing education in a foreign country is more than just an academic opportunity. Studying in another country offers students a chance to immerse themselves in a new culture, make new lifelong friends, and explore new personal, global, and spiritual vistas. There is reason it is called "study abroad" — these unique opportunities will broaden students' minds and expand their horizons. For more information, contact the study abroad office.

Honors Program

The University of Portland offers the Honors Program to enhance the intellectual life of the University community by mentoring high achieving and intrinsically motivated students to serve as public intellectuals at the University and beyond. The program fosters in these passionate and gifted students a love for the life of the mind and the desire to enrich their communities. Honors students may be enrolled in any major. For more information, contact the Honors Program office.

Fellowships & Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement, assists and prepares students to apply for competitive awards and scholarship. Through its Talent Identification Program (TIP), the University has developed a system so faculty members can identify high achieving students early in their careers as potential candidates for various fellowships, grants, and scholarships. Once identified, the director of the fellowships & grants office will meet and work with these students to identify goals for their upcoming years, identify potential scholarship opportunities, and assist in applying for appropriate awards. For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement.


Internships are a great way to explore careers and gain valuable work experience. Internships provide an opportunity to learn about industries and work environments as well as develop skills and beneficial relationships for future employment. Participating in internships will give students an edge when competing for full-time career opportunities. The Career Education Center maintains a database of over 400 local and national internship opportunities on Handshake.

Internships for academic credit are allowed by departments and schools on a case-by-case basis. The Career Education Center may assist students with finding internships, but faculty must approve and award the credit. For more information, contact the Career Education Center.

Moreau Center for Service and Justice

Service is one of the key components in a Catholic education. Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Portland find service with and for others to be a powerful way to apply their education and faith in the world. Rooted in Catholic social teaching, the Moreau Center for Service and Justice provides direct service opportunities, leadership development, reflection and social analysis. For more information, contact the Moreau Center for Service and Justice

Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an award-winning organization that helps students develop entrepreneurial skills by fostering relationships between the University and the business community. Not limited to business majors, it is designed for students from all campus disciplines. Students engage in classroom activity; meet with a variety of mentors including business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs; and travel domestically and abroad to gain global perspective and ignite ideas for creative ventures. Among the center's programs are the Entrepreneur Scholars (E-Scholars) program that helps undergraduates manage their own business ventures and the $100K Challenge that provides start-up funds for new businesses. For more information, contact the Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Music Ensembles

There are five major music ensembles on campus that usually perform twice each semester. All students from across campus are welcome to participate, not just music majors and minors. Prospective students are welcome to attend concerts and rehearsals and may contact the conductors directly.

Additional opportunities include chapel music ensemble, pep band, and chamber music ensembles. For more information, contact the Music Program.