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Alumni Email Account

Starting January 6, 2016, all email accounts were migrated from Gmail to Office 365.

Alumni can access their email account by signing in at and clicking the Outlook email icon. Another option is to sign in directly to Outlook Online at On iOS or Android mobile devices, alumni can set up their account via the native email app or the Outlook app.

Alumni Email FAQ

Will my email address change?

A new email alias was created for your account using the extension. This will be set as the primary email address for your account such that new email that you send will be from your alias. There is no action you need to take regarding this change and no need to inform your contact list of this change. Your email address will continue to exist as your secondary email address. This means that emails addressed to your address will still be delivered to your new inbox for as long as you have an active UP email account. PLEASE NOTE: YOU STILL NEED TO LOGIN USING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!

I didn't know I still had access to my email address. How do I log on?

Unfortunately, alumni who graduated in 2009 and prior do not have access to their account. For alumni who graduated in 2010 and after, you can access your email account via or

I can't log on. Who should I contact?

Contact the UP Help Desk at 503.943.7000 or