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Opportunities for Students

If you're currently a student on The Bluff, the Office of Alumni Relations can be a resource for you before graduation. Check out these ways to connect with the wider Pilot community!


Student Alumni Association

Student Alumni Association

Join the Student Alumni Association while you're still on campus! Led by UP students under the guidance of the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations, this association provides a variety of volunteer, learning, and social events throughout the year.

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Connect with Pilots on UP Switchboard

UP Switchboard is the online platform where Pilots ask for what they need and offer what they have within the trusted University of Portland community. You can ask advice from UP alumni all over the country on careers, traveling, and applying to grad school.

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Hawai'i Chapter

Find Pilots Near You

Are you looking for professional connections or thinking of relocating to a new city? We currently have regional chapters of alumni and parents in 10 different cities to welcome, connect, and support local Pilots.

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NAB and A and P Staff

Connect with Alumni Leaders

The National Alumni Board is made up of UP alumni from various class years, fields, and locations. Members of the NAB recently contributed an opinion piece to The Beacon student newspaper about the resources available to new graduates. The NAB members are always happy to talk to students about post-grad life! 

National Alumni Board Members