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GOLD MarkThe GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) program features social and educational events for young alumni with grad years 2013-2023.

GOLDs at Reunion

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Connect with @UPortlandGOLDs, an account made for Graduates of the Last Decade by Graduates of the Last Decade. We are excited to share the stories, experiences, and advice of our young alumni with you!

Social Media Policy: UPortlandGOLDs wishes to engage all alumni in conversation. Content from or represented within a constituent’s personal profile is their own. No tagged or connected profiles reflect the perspective of the University of Portland unless through a University sponsored account. All UP social media profiles exist to embrace and highlight the respectful and supportive UP community online. Negative comments or any disrespectful interactions will be deleted and you will be blocked.

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Positions open on the GOLD Board!

The GOLD Board exists to provide perspective, be champions for the University, and advocate for our fellow young alumni. Our work centers around meaningful connections with one another and UP, while also tapping into and supporting the unique skill sets of our talented alumni.

Leadership positions include the GOLD Board President and committee chairs of the GOLD Board's Research & Reflection Committee, Planning Committee, and Social Media & Outreach Committee. 

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