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Virtual Alumni Classroom

Keep learning with some of your favorite UP professors.

Each edition of the Alumni Virtual Classroom features a recent video reflection from a professor addressed to UP alumni, along with an essay written by that professor for the book Awaken the Stars, published in 2017 to surprise and inspire those interested in a deeper look at the world of academia. 

Awaken the Stars Cover

Shannon mayer

Shannon Mayer: Professor of Wonder

"My charge, as a professor of physics, is to empower students to become wonderers and, in the process of wondering itself, to make discoveries about our remarkable, and curious world."

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Jacquie Van Hoomissen

Jacquie Van Hoomissen: From Human Anatomy to Humanness

"I teach Human Anatomy because it is a place to develop our definition of humanness, a discipline in which we puzzle-piece our structures together to understand what it means to be us."

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A Note from the Editors of Awaken the Stars

“We asked some of our fellow faculty members at the University of Portland, a Holy Cross institution in the Pacific Northwest, what it is they really teach. This essay collection, by twenty-five professors of various academic disciplines at the university, was written in response to this question…For students, parents, alumni and others interested in a deeper look at the world of academia, we designed this book to surprise and inspire you.”

– Shannon Mayer, Department of Physics

– Jacquie Van Hoomissen, Department of Biology

You can order a copy of Awaken the Stars here.